• Has your website ever been hacked?
  • Do you have a new project where safety plays a crucial role?
  • Or do you have absolutely no idea whether your current site or application is actually safe enough?

Hosted Power protects your website, webshop or web application against hackers, spammers and identity theft. We choose and optimize the security technologies that keep the data of your website and your customers secure.

Hosted Power is specialized in setting up and configuring firewalls and webapplicatie firewalls

Vulnerability Scanning & Management

Have your websites and infrastructure regularly scanned for vulnerabilities and malware! Hosted Power works with Qualys, independent security researchers & penetration testers to analyze the safety of your website and to take your website's security to the next level.

Did you know that many websites are still being hacked despite a decent firewall?

This is because a traditional firewall offers no protection against SQL injections or a database DDoS attacks. Both methods use ports that have to be open between the various infrastructure components, without which your website simply could not function.

What is even worse is that attacks on web servers are (by far) the most common phenomenon in cyber security. Hackers try to get control over web servers for various reasons, the most important being the ability to control the server and thus spread malware, usually combined with purposes of financial gain. The result is that your servers become blacklisted, your reputation may suffer damage and your websites may be killed.

Let our experts do an audit and optimize the security of your websites and applications!


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