Composer radically changed the developer landscape, it's the Node.js's "npm" and Ruby's "bundler" for php. All our managed Linux VPS come with composer by default!


Hosted Power is always looking into newer technologies if they are potentially interesting for our customers. Some of our customers simply love ProcessWire and use it with great succes!


As recommended by CiviCRM itself Hosted Power will deliver you a powerful dedicated virtual private server complete with a working and secured CiviCRM system.


At Hosted Power we understand the requirements of the modern php developer. Our hosting infrastructure is optimized to run even the most demanding systems blazing fast!


Everyone knows that Magento is not the fastest system available... However after Hosted Power optimizations, we can assure you will experience unrivaled performance of your Magento!


Did you notice that Drupal 8 is noticeably heavier on system performance? Don't worry Hosted Power will make sure your Drupal will run faster than ever!